About the brand

Milady is a slow fashion women's clothing firm, founded in 2023 in Madrid by the designer Alicia S. Manzanero.

The garments are made 100% in Madrid by hand and to order, reducing textile waste and excess stock. This makes each one unique and special. The fabrics, trimmings and packaging are of national origin to reduce the carbon footprint and favor Spanish trade.

The fabrics used in the collections are of organic origin or have been recovered in the recycling process. We want to avoid the use of first-use fabrics of plastic origin so as not to favor the manufacture of these but to prolong their useful life.

Another fundamental pillar is the inclusion of sizing, we firmly believe that no woman should sacrifice not wearing a garment that she likes because of the sizing. For this reason we have a wide range of sizes and the option of if none of these fits you, make you the size you need.

From Milady's team we appreciate the support of all the people who believe in our project, especially our Ladys who are already part of the family.

the founder

Hello Ladys, I am Alicia the founder of Milady. I would like
tell you about me and some curiosities about the brand. I studied fashion design at ESNE and after that I spent several months consolidating the idea that I had already been developing in my TFG. Today this project of which I am very proud finally comes to light and I want to see it grow little by little.

My design style has always been classic and feminine, I
likes to highlight the female body and curves. For me, fashion is a way for the person to stand out and not for the clothes to stand out over the person. My inspiration is usually art, especially painting, mythology, cinema and nature.

Brand curiosities

The name Milady arises from two aspects, firstly,
It is the nickname with which my mother calls me since I can remember. On the other hand, Milady is a character created by the writer Alexandre Dumas for the book the three musketeers. This woman defines herself as seductive and strong, being able to do what is necessary to survive in a world of men.

The symbol of the poppy also has its origin in the
family, remembering the stories of my mother and how she played as a child in the poppy fields with her sister.