Colección Toscana

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Corset Erika Corset Erika

Corset Erika

Vestido Flora Vestido Flora

Vestido Flora

Falda Grace Falda Grace

Falda Grace

Lazo Carla Lazo Carla

Lazo Carla

Vestido Mia Vestido Mia

Vestido Mia

Top Yaiza Top Yaiza

Top Yaiza

Falda Dori Falda Dori

Falda Dori

Top Irina Top Irina

Top Irina



We make our garments with organic and recycled fabrics to avoid new plastic waste


The garments are made to order, we do not have a stock to minimize waste


The large number of sizes allows for different types of bodies to be covered, so that there are no impediments to being a Lady.